so long ago

These phrases are from my old black notebook, entries date ranges from 2006-2009.

before, it was never easy for me to ignore the gap.

it wasn't enough to just say "hello".
because i wanted a "how are you?".

but now, it's effortless not to think of you..
for me to bear it all and just be happy..
i can leave without your love now.

but never without you..


"i'd been broken beyond repair."

"true love was forever lost
my prince was never coming back."

"Forbidden to remember,
terrified to forget"

"it was a hard line to walk"


we're better this way..
i can be anyone for you..
as long as you still want me near.,
I'll stay. =)
nothing more than that..
even i had realized that it's not you anymore..
i won't stop doing this for you..

so sick of hating you..=|

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