Warm Bodies: This is not a Review

It was my first time to go watch at the movie house alone.
To be honest, it was really hard for me to decide whether to do it or not. First, I don’t want to waste money in a movie if I wont enjoy it. So I was scared that I wont be able to enjoy it because I’m alone. However, I really really really want to see this film because Niholas Hault was in it and the fact that it is a new form of RomCom. But my friends and family can’t come with me, i understand though.
Gladly, I had the courage to go in there and just do it! Or I guess, watch it!
I was late but good enough kind of late. Luckily, the theater wasn’t crowded so I get to choose where to sit. The center. Not too far. Not too near. No one seats on either sides. There was silence.
So the movie is kinda different. But it still is funny, sweet and thrilling. So I laughed, smiled, got thrilled in a very discreet manner. That was the sad part.
I really loved the movie. No questions asked. But as I laugh, smile and be thrilled and be amused and be all kilig-ed, I was also feeling sad because I hope there’s this special someone who could I laugh with, be kilig-ed together with, and be scared along with.
But that part of me was outshone by the enjoyment i got from the film. So yeah. It was a bit sad experience but I’m not saying it isn’t fun though. :)

I wish I could forget how I could never let myself to forget.

I wish I could forget how he never fails to cheer me up. How he tries to distract me from reality with his lame jokes. How his handwritten love letters make my days. How his messages brighten up weekends. How he held my hand that first time. How he told me he loves me and this would last.
Oh, How I wish I could forget how he would never answer my phone calls anymore. How he never gets mad anymore. How he never replies to my ‘I love you’s anymore. How he told me he fell out of love. How he never really explain why.
I wish I could forget how she smiled and said ‘hi’ that very first day we met. How she was so nice to me. How she told me she feels the pain I’m into. How she told me everything will get better in time. How she understands what I’m going through.
Oh, How I wish I could forget how she asked me if she got his shirt’s size right. How she was suddenly the girlfriend. How she was now someone I couldn’t like anymore. How she never really intend to hurt me.
I wish I could forget how I took everything he did for granted. How I didn’t appreciate love at first. How I didn’t make things work for us. How I just let things happened.
Oh, How I wish I could forget how I played around with love.