Books and Reading

Greetings! Lol.
Ever since i started working, i feel like i’m so exhausted with work, chores at home and catching up with friends and family. But don’t get me wrong, i’m loving it. Though because of this, reading has been my sleeping companion. Since i’m tired when i get home, i read so that i can get to dreamland easier. Lol. So i haven’t done any good reading lately. And i miss it. Now that i kinda have the luxury of time, i just couldn’t get into the mood. Argh. What happened. Lol.

Another point this post intend to state is my odd addiction to purchasing books. I’m guilty of buying books even i haven’t finish any of the ones i bought a week earlier. I’m guilty that even though i don’t have time to read them, i still want to have them. I’m guilty of going to book sales, fairs, or bazaars and purchase books, i “think”, i would love to read. I’m used to being impulsive and fickle-minded at the same time. That’s me, i guess.

Say hello to my babies! 

My Twilight Saga set with the Paulo Coelho's and Nicholas Sparks'

Here are the Pinoy Lits. I'm missing Para Kay B by Ricky Lee

The ones from Sales/Bazaars/Fairs

Good finds and good reads! *othersLOL

Borrowed books! *to the owners, i promise to return them! forgive me.

Some of my favsss!

and here are the new ones, bought them awhile ago at Bookay Ukay! :)


Hopefully, i'll be able to get into the vibe of reading again. ♥

Listed: Films by Heart

This list is not just my favorite films. If I were to list my favorite films that would take me forever to decide which is which. This are the films I got to watch for the nth time and never get tired of them. So i called this list "Films by Heart" because when i'm not in such a great mood this films are on my speed dial to get me to smile, cry, laugh, forget and remember. This films remind me to live, love and die happy. So, I consider this films as my remedy when I feel awful or during times that i'm really bored and not on the mood to watch new films. Most of them are either Chick Flicks, Tragic or Romantic films, i'm that kind of person, really. Love and Tragedy are like vitamins to my system. ♥

1. Becoming Jane (2007)

This is a historical film inspired by the early life of the famous author Jane Austen. I love both Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy so that made this film more special. This is the film that made me realize that sometimes loving each other shouldn't be selfish, it's supposed to be selfless. Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy's love is full of obstacles and colors. And to be honest, I love how their story ended.

2. One Day (2011)

An adaptation of a David Nicholls Novel about Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The movie is like a compilation of the 15th of July in both of Emma and Dexter's life ever since they meet. They became friends and soon lived a different life away from each other. I love their friendship and how they call and update each other. Then come the obstacles they must face. But in a twist of fate they got back into each others arm and became husband and wife. Their story always reminds me how love makes its own way. How life can be a bitch sometimes. What I totally love about this film is that the character are flawed and beautiful in their own ways. It sucks that Emma has to die in the end. But it actually make us think that life is too short to waste yet long enough to let us live the life we want.

3. A Walk to Remember (2002)

One of the first films I love. I have my own VCD copy of this film. why am i all excited typing this review!!! haha. We all know that this is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks Novel with the same title. What's not to love in this film? Plot wise, it's very heart pounding and totally moving. The Movie Soundtrack is a collection of superb songs that we all still could remember until today. I can't really explain why i'm so in love with this film but Mandy Moore and Shane West were such a darling in this film. The story of Jamie and Landon always remind me of a quote from the film, That their love is like the wind, he can't see it but he can surely feel it. And in the end, Jamie got her miracle. It's him. The way Landon changed for the better.

4. Atonement (2007)

Here's another film adaptation of a novel. This Romantic Drama film tackles the twists and turns of life and how could one decision can change people's life forever. James McAvoy and Keira Knightley definitely are one heck of a tandem. though I still adore them even they're apart. I love love love the aura of this film. It's classy, vintage and elegant in all forms. The story itself was wonderful. It is the story of Cecilia Tallis and their servant's son, Robbie Turner and how her sister Briony changed the path for them. This tragic movie actually made me think that when we die and we had love someone with such purity, would we still meet in heaven? And also, their love story just show that life's full of uncertainty and twist of fate. The ending was unexpected and lovely. And, Director of this, Joe Wright, was also known for directing "Pride and Prejudice". Which is also a film i love! :)

5. Flipped (2010)

Most likely at this point you'll figure out that i have this thing for movie adaptations of novels and here's another one. Flipped is a movie adaptation of the same titled novel written by an American author of children's book, Wendelin Van Draanen. It is a story of young love narrated in both perspective of Bryce and Julianna. What's nice about this film is its setting, during the 1950s. Superb! At first, Juli have this huge crush on Bryce. Then, they both grow up and things and their emotions started to change. I've had always fancy young love and this film captured the most relate-able way of presenting it. This film always puts a smile to my face every time i watch it. Flipped is the kind of movie i watch when i want to have a good night sleep. :)

6. Restless (2011)

This film is a story of a sick girl who falls in love with this weird guy - he has this Japanese ghost friend. Well, honestly, they're both insane for me. Which makes this love story adorable and refreshing. Annabel and Enoch (cute name right?!), as a couple, did some quirky stuff that i would honestly want to experience. If you're keeping up, i'm a hardcore fan of this tragic endings, so when Annabel was dying, I was all eyes and ears on how would Enoch would response since he knew from the start that she'll soon die. what this story made me realize is that when we fall in love, it doesn't matter how long the love was but how true and great it was. When our better half leaves us, it's painful but the happy moments comforts us and makes us realize "I was lucky to even have met you."

7. Moulin Rouge (2001) 

I am extremely in love with this film. This is the film that made me love love itself. It's musical, theatrical and superb. The story of a poet who fell in love with a sensational star of Moulin Rouge. The film was filled with lavish and spectacular set, characters, drama, romance and soundtrack. It has this endearing and everlasting effect on me. The film presented phases of love in a very theatrical and touching way. I could still feel the excitement whenever i watch this movie. and honestly, i have their OST in my playlist. I could totally blame this movie for my hopeless-romantic-ness. "The greatest thing you'll learn is just to love and be loved in return" was my favorite quote of the movie.

8. Mulan (1998) 

One of the coolest animated films ever. We all know Mulan, right? This film has been my favorite animated Disney Princess film for like, for ever! I salute her for being flawed and for being strong. And to be fair, Mulan kinda introduced me to the Chinese culture and all. I was in elementary when i first saw this, but I've watched it since then. And i remember, when i was still staying in Manila, my roommate thought it was kinda hilarious that i still watch and make *kilig* over Mulan. I am very honored that Mulan's singing voice in this films is the famous Pinay Lea Salonga. I adore the movie's soundtrack and musicality and that's one thing i love about Disney films. Mulan never fails to remind me of my dreams when i was that little girl when i first saw this movie, to make my family proud!

9. Tangled (2010) 

yes. i'm a fan of Disney Princesses films and i love that about me. haha.
This Animated film is inspired by the very famous fairy tale, Rapunzel. One fun fact about Tangled? It was in development for 6 years and costed more than $260 million. it is considered one of the most expensive films. What do i love about Tangled? what's not to love? i love their new attack on the story, i adore their music and the animation was perfection. Rapunzel was voiced by Mandy Moore. And Flynn Rider was the most amazing leading man in the history of Disney Princesses films. Tangled - Rapunzel and Eugene - taught me to dream after dream. to reach each dream and dream more dreams to achieve.

10. 500 days of Summer (2009) 

I don't really know where to begin. This isn't the usual narrative approach of other usual films. The film jumps into different parts or circumstances in the life of Tom and Summer which revolves in 500 days. How they met. How they became friends. became close friends. became more than friends. and became strangers to each other again. It is a love story but not the usual love story. It's refreshing to see the guy's perspective in regards to relationship, most especially failed relationships. I adore how original and fresh the film was. And one more thing great about this movie is ZOOEY DESCHANEL.

There you go. Though it's only 10 out of the endless list of the films i'm in love with, soon i'll give you more movies to check out. :)

Book Inventory. :)

At last! I've finally managed to write something. Even it's nothing cool or significant. LOL.

Last Sunday, I spent my rest day cleaning up my room (or almost cleaning it up.) While sorting some stuff I've finally gathered the books I bought for myself. Then and then, I realized that I've got so many books that i haven't read yet. :'( I promise myself to put effort and time into reading for it is not only my stress reliever but also a companion when i'm alone, a friend when i'm lonely and a mentor when i'm in need of wisdom.

So here's my awesome mini library. LOL.

To Kill a Mocking Bird
Perks of being a Wallflower
One Day
By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept
The Devil and Miss Prym
Eleven Minutes
The Notebook
The World's Most Evil Man
Chicken Soup for the Soul (Love Stories)
The Last Lecture
Gossip Girl
Twilight Saga Books

From Book Sales:
Charlie Wilson's War
Altered Carbon
Separation Anxiety

By our Manunulats:
Para Kay B
Trip to Quiapo
It's Not that Complicated

Here's few of the those I haven't read. I'm done with "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and now reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Soon, I hope I could share how amazing "The Perks of being a Wallflower" is. I'm about to watch the movie adaptation and I hope that would inspire me to write too. Ü

To be honest, I buy books even though I don't really have the luxury of time to read them all. Now, I'm planning to collect all Jane Austen's and the books stated from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", though I'd accept books as gifts! haha.
So there. Here's my attempt to write something new. LOL. Good day! and keep reading.

Opportunity to be Inspired.

Lahat tayo kailangan ng inspiration sa bawat gagawin natin.

Narinig ko sa isang TV show na "we can take inspiration out of anywhere." baka pati rin mula sa anything at anyone. or kahit anong gusto nating paghugutan ng inspirasyon. at sa palagay ko, super totoo un.

Minsan pag lumalabas ako, nakikita ko un langit dito samin pag hapon. ang ganda pero ang lungkot ng kulay. tapos naisip ko, ganun ang buhay eh, ang ganda ganda, ang sarap sarap mabuhay. pero minsan pag mag isa tayo, malungkot din pala mabuhay.

Kadalasan kapag nasa bus ako pauwi, nako super haba ng biyahe, nag iisip ako ng inspirasyon. para habang nasa biyahe ako, makapag buo ako ng concept ng isusulat ko pag uwi ko sa bahay. ayun, so far so good naman.

Siguro, ung mga taong nakakakilala sakin noon, ung alam ung mga bagay bagay tungkol sa totoong ako. ito siguro ung hindi nila ganung alam. ung ganitong side ko. na minsan kahit super expired na nung moment, ginagawa ko paring inspirasyon. sayang eh. kung un ba mag papasipag sakin magsulat, edi, go di ba. Minsan akala natin maliit na bagay lang un. pero from those small yet meaningful moments nakakahugot ng lakas ng loob, ng mga salitang sasakto sa gusto mong ipaliwanag at ng kwento. kwentong minsan pwedeng dagdagan, o bawasan, palitan o kung ano pa man. kasi nangyare na un. kung may iibahin ka, ok lang. hindi naman biography ung ginagawa mo eh. hindi naman straight news. kaya ok lang. hindi porket may ganung linya, ganun na talaga di ba?

Pag binasa niyo ung mga nalagay ko na ditong mga nabuo ko, mapapansin niyo puro love okaya puro moving on or basta parang personal. Oo, aaminin ko, may mga taong hindi maiintindihan tong sasabihin ko, pero might as well, sabihin ko na din. Sinulat ko un base sa nararamdaman ko, pag nanunuod ng movie, nagbabasa ng novel at pag may naaalala ako from the past. pero hindi ibig sabihin nun un ung state ng feelings ko. nagkakataon lang na un ung nabubuo. Hindi naman lahat ng gagawin natin kailangan pang kasalukuyan eh. minsan may mga kwento sa nakaraan na gusto mong ibahagi kasi alam mong somewhere out there ung naramdaman ko noon, baka nararamdaman din nila.

Pag gusto kong sumulat ng masaya, edi iniisip ko ung sa mga movies at mga friends ko na nag eenjoy sa love mga moment na naramdaman ko din un. ung mga sweet na eksena ng mga couple. Pag tungkol sa nakaraan o malungkot na love story, ganun din. movies, libro at personal na experience.

Masarap mainspire sa mga tamang bagay bagay. Kaya everyday, i look at it as an opportunity to be inspired again. and again. :)

Film: Becoming Jane 2007

"Becoming Jane" is a love story which setting is in 1975. It was inspired by Jane Austen, a well-known writer, and her relationship with a young Irishman named Tom Lefroy.
This film is about one of my favorite writers and i love that her masterpieces were also inspired with such a wonderful romance she had. Its not just romance but also a bit of history. watching the film felt like i was a very close friend of Jane and Tom. i've witnessed their love and also their hardship. and yes, i am an extreme fan of Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. they were very great in this film. ^^

i love how their different paths crossed and progressed. Jane was just from a poor family who dreams too big for a women like her. She was supposed to be married to a wealthy man to help her and her family as well. but she was firm on what she believes and that's to marry a person she truly love. She hoped that through her passion in writing she could still help her family.
Then from a very different place, Tom Lefroy who was a non-aristocratic lawyer with bad reputation, came to Jane Austen's life with a very bad first impression. they believe that Tom Lefroy was Mr. Darcy of Jane's Pride and Prejudice. so as their mind clashes and cat-and-dog fights, they eventually fell in love with each other. which was a dismay of both of Jane's family and Tom's Uncle which was also his provider at that time.
So they run away with their love as their strength. but behind Jane's witty mind, she started to doubt if love was enough for them to live life together forever. that was the moment i really cried. i believe that love was really enough for the both of them but Jane doesn't want to be selfish. So they retreated their plan and grew apart from each other.
at the end, Jane never got married and obviously become a successful writer. Tom Lefroy got married and named his eldest daughter Jane. after few years they met again and it was visible in their eyes that true love was once shared by them and still does exist.
another thing i love about this film was how the story evolve during the time she started writing Pride and Prejudice. it made me understand more the inspiration of that book she wrote. and also, i dream of becoming a writer. So Jane in the story inspired me more to write and make people feel what to feel in a literature.
this film really made me cry not just because they didn't end up together but it was because of how love was so complicated. i've always thought that once you found that someone, love would be enough. but that doesn't mean Jane and Tom wasn't meant to be. they were. its just that they lived with reality and not ideally.
here are some quotes i've remember:
  • Tom LefroyI am yours. Heart and soul, I’m yours. Much good that is. 
  • Jane Austen: I will decide that.
  • Mr. WisleySometimes affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom.
  • Jane AustenA woman especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can.
  • Jane Austen: His heart will stop at the very sight of you or he doesn't deserve to live. and yes, i am aware of the contradiction embodied to that sentence. 

Perks of Riding a Bus (a letter)

To that tall guy wearing a vintage looking ray bans sun glass,
yes to you good looking guy dressed to impressed
with a neat light blue long sleeves and denim jeans
paired with chuck taylor's to complete the look:


It was very gentleman of you
to offer a seat, your seat to an old lady.

uhm. eh. sorry...

Have you notice my gaze?
Sorry, i didn't mean to stare.

I tried figuring you out
but i wasn't judging you.

Your watch made you look more classy.
Your sun glasses cover those sleepy eyes.
just saying though

Your impressively neat long sleeves
made you such a professional
though your husky denim jeans 
made you cool and sexy

and what made it completely perfect

for me


was your nicely stained pair of chucks.

no. i didn't want your attention.
didn't want you to even notice me.

i was actually hiding.

wanted you not to find me,
yet on the other hand,
i hoped you'd find me.

i'm not a weird creepy gal.
sorry if i made that impression.

i'm just a dreamer.

and you happened to be that dreamy guy
i'd hoped to meet in a random circumstance.

with sincere admiration,
that girl next to you in a random bus. ♥

Film: Tangled 2010

"Tangled" is inspired by the fairy tale "Rapunzel". it was said that "Tangled" is the most expensive animated featured film and was also the 2nd most expensive film ever made. no wonder why it is such an amazing film! i love how this film was created. i even watched interviews of the director and cast because of my fondness to this film. The screenplay of this film was excellent. they created a new dimension of the fairy tale. It made the film so much interesting. :)

of course, Flynn Rider is my favorite character. i think he is the most charming prince out of all the disney princess films ever made. this film isn't just for kids. and i love that. the two main leading characters are not perfect and they have flaws. which make it more realistic and fun.
and the soundtrack of this film was amazing. i love every song. i even downloaded it and place in my phone. :)) it was a great news when i figured out that Mandy Moore was the voice of Rapunzel. i fancy her. and i think she did great in this film. its harder than acting. i think. :))
there are so many things to love in this film. the character, the animation, the music, the innocence and humour. and i wonder why do people say that this film was no good. it was worth seeing!!
and honestly, Rapunzel and Flynn made me blush and made my heart melt. :) i love how it had to end through cutting Rapunzel's hair. and they lived happily ever after. ♥

quotes i loved from the film:

  • Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... fate... destiny... Flynn: A horse
  • Flynn: You were my new dream. Rapunzel: and you were mine.


by Janina Marean

When They broke up, Everything was well.
They were back to being friends again. 

It's fine. If that's what he wants. 
was all she says. 
That's life. I hope she's happy now. 
was all he said. 

They stayed as friends. 
Shared triumph of every success. 
Asked favors like nothing happened. 
Tried not to argue once in a while. 
And refused to do the talk 

Of unresolved feelings. Of uncertain emotions. 
Talk of the real closure they never really had. 
The ending that they both deserve. 

When he started to move on. 
She was left alone. 
It seems like he got over the separation 
easier than she imagined. 

She thought she knew him well. 
He thought she clearly wouldn't care. 
They were ex-es that became friends again. 
It was a difficult label to handle. 

She didn't want anymore assumptions to grow. 
He didn't want to make a big deal out of it. 
So they started not to talk to each other. 

In her mind, she's trying to figure things out. 
Waiting for something to happen 
that she misunderstood as chances. 
Seeking for another reason to make her hold on. 
To make her want to stay. to not give up. 

In his mind, It was simple and clear. 
All was said and done. It didn't worked out. 
They were very much through. so long ago. 
He didn't mean to hurt her. He couldn't lie to her. 
He knew they had given up the day they broke up. 

When will she figure out that she was all wrong? 
When would she believe that it is the end? 

When will he understand that fake smile was for him? 
When would he realize that it was never easy? 

When do we stop finding excuses?
When is enough and too much? 
When to expect and not to expect? 
When to give up?


Pagbasa at Pagsulat

March 10 2012

Ngayong gabi, binasa ko ang mga sulat niya para sakin noon. Tapos ito uli ako. ung Janinang iyakin, Janinang kinikilig na sa “LUV U”, Janinang gusto uli maramdaman ung magmahal ng sobra at hindi takot masaktan.

Pakiramdam ko bata uli ung puso ko. Parang ayoko ding maubos ‘tong tinta ng ball pen kong maganda, natatakot akong mapagod ‘tong kamay ko sa pag sulat, na baka mangalay ako sa pwesto ko, na baka antukin ako habang sinusulat ko to.

Naisip kong basahin ang so-called “memories” namin hinde dahil gusto kong bumalik sya, hindi din dahil na mimiss ko sya, hindi ito dahil sa kung anu mang unresolve feelings na meron ako. gusto ko lang balikan, malaman kung bakit mahalaga tong mga to sakin ng sobra.

Mag isa ako ngayong gabi, dito sa dorm, sa double deck. at mahaba ang listahan ko ng mga dapat gawin. Bukas pag gising ko babalik na uli ako sa reyalidad. haharap sa mga tao, mabubuhay para sa kung ano ang meron ngayon at hindi ano ang nakaraan o hinaharap. Living the present, living now.

Pero ngayong gabi, magmumuni muni muna uli ako. Screw my to-do list. i’m doing myself a favor by letting my mind rest and my heart float. kaya habang naka play ang Theraphy, Remembering Sunday, Day dream away at iba pang slow song ng pinaka mamahal kong All Time Low. ung When we were young, Back to the start at kung ano pang mala-heart broken na kanta ng The Summer Set. Sama mo pa ung Baby Blue Eyes, Mr. Right, Like we used at mga heart felt na kanta ng A Rocket to the Moon. habang na ka on ang playlist kong yan, susulat ako. magrereminisce ako. makikipag reconcile sa first inspiration ko. reunite with my first romance. sa lahat ng first ko nung una akong kinilig. nung unang beses ako naging emo. nung kagaya dati na super madrama pa ko dahil sa LOVE. Alam mo kung anong pinaka magandang part nung mga un? ung part na natutong magsalita ung puso ko. kasi nung nainlove ako. naka buo ako ng tula, ng kanta at kung ano ano. dahil nung na in love ako, natuto akong sumulat, makipag usap gamit ang magandang tinta ng ballpen ko.

Dahil sa pag basa ko ng sulat niya, naka alala ako. naalala ko ‘to. :)

Poetry: During Tough Times

I remember writing this for some of my friends. that time, they were really lonely because of their recent break ups. Then our gang tries to comfort them by having a get together once in a while. We get drunk and be silly. i love my friends. i label them as may BFs for life. :) This was originally called "Authentic"


During Tough Times
by Janina

They have said goodbyes
In several and sudden times
Uttered the most aching words
Left you miserable and lifeless
Broken, you call ourselves

All the gloomy things yo do
I'm willing to uphold too
I also bear the burden in you
You can cry if ou want to
And i'll shed tear with you

Each misery you do have
You know i'd like to listen
Every time you're troubled
I'd care for to witness
That's what real friends are for

Once your so called Love
Had bid their farewells
You'll find the gist of friendship
The essence of a hand to hold
A shoulder to cry on

It is hard to be found
But worth searching for
Imperceptible yet unconditional
Unreadable but heartfelt

Unspoken yet authentic

Definitely, i want to see you again

Laughing and loving again
But you don't need to pretend
I really know how it feels
Even if you're bleeding, i know
You still want to be happy, somehow.

After the heartwarming mourn
I'm not giving up on you now
Just close your teary eyes
I'm about to hit you now,
Chuckle and mutter to your ears
"Hang on! I'll always be here."


Nicholas Sparks Fandom

This is an note entry from my old facebook account dated March 26 2010
i don't care if some people think it's corny.
it's what i like. ♥
First, i was so dazzled by "a walk to remember". yeah, i know its so old,
but i just can't get over it. haha!! i love to watch it over and over again.

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Loves is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It dose not take offense and is not resentful. Love take no pleasure in others people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes." 

"Dean: If there is a greater power, why is it he can't get you a new sweater?
Jamie: Because he's too busy looking for your brain." 

"Landon: I might kiss you
Jamie: I might be bad at it
Landon: That's not possible" 

Now i'm taken by his book: The Last Song. (thanks to pawla.)
few chapters to come to finish it. ♥ (last 4 chapters i guess.)

"I mean, if the relationship can't survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?" 

"He stared at her, knowing with certainty that he was falling in love. He pulled her close and kissed her beneath a blanket of stars, wondering how on earth he'd been lucky enough to find her." 

“I’m not being funny. I’m being serious.” 

“Oh, because we’re so good-looking" 

May be after the last song, i'd be reading "The Notebook"
i haven't seen the movie, but i know how great it is.
so i got curious. =)

"You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together."

"We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it." 

and now, i wonder...
what's next.. ♥

to update this blog: 
now, I've actually read all 3 of them and also watched their movie versions and to add to my Nicholas-Sparks-fangirling I've also watched "Nights in Rodante" and "Dear John". and soon i'll love to watch his "Lucky One"


Film: The Butterfly Effect 2004

"The Butterfly Effect" is a drama thriller film which title refers to a chaos theory that says that even something small could make a huge effect. Starring Ashton Kutcher as Evan Treborn and Logan Lerman as the 7 years old Evan.
The story of this film revolve in the special mental ability of Evan Treborn to get back to the past. I would honestly say that this is one of the best Science Fiction film i've seen. and the 3 men who act as Evan Treborn was really great.
first, Evan didn't know the ability he has. He thought that it was just like the blackouts his father had. His dad was in a mental institution because of this said blackouts. Evan though used this special gift to make his friends and love ones lives better. He reads this journal to get back in time where he had this blackouts. then later in the story he'll discover that he can use other medium to get back in the past.
every time he change something in the past the future changes too. i love how each scene compliments each other. its like a puzzle movie then suddenly it was not. it was full of different stories. there were scenes that are disturbing. but this thriller film was more of a psychological and mental suspense film. i was like so into the movie i couldn't get my eyes of the screen.

They say that this film have alternative endings. i love the ending where after everything, they meet again and finally Evan could start a new normal life with the person she saved and always loved.
here are nice quotes from the film:
  • Dr. Redfield: Just think of your mind as a movie, you can pause, rewind or slow down any details you want.
  • Jason Treborn: you can't play God, son.
  • Evan: you were once happy... with me.

Poetry: What Matters

What Matters
by Janina

when it comes to this guy
i don't really know if it's real or not
what matters, i guess.
is how he made me feel.

Regardless of the reason.
Whether it's a lie or it is true
What matters for me
is how he took effort
took chances
to make me feel loved.

Inside, i don't really know why
but it seems that
he's my devil in disguise

he makes me smile
yet he still made me cry
he taps my head when i'm sad
yet he still needs my help

but i wonder if it's real or not
did he pretended to love me?
what would he gain from it?
was that a fake confession?
again, what would he gain from it?
had he been bluffing when he said "mahal kita"

Beyond that.
Whether it is real or not.
At the end of the day.
even though love had ended for us.
years ago.
I wouldn't deny.

He made me feel loved.


Good Newsss

today's actually the Philippine's Independence Day and not that it connects to the occasion today, i've received a lot of good news and some ump! moments happened. it's just so amazing. honestly, lately i feel like my bursting and overflowing inspiration and dreams are starting to fade. it has been over 2 months after my graduation but i'm still not up for the job hunting phase of my life, most likely, because i'm trying to manage our house since my father just left for work and now stays at Saudi. my brother and mother are also working.and i still have a younger brother who is really my concern at the moment. My intention for now is to help pacify things here at home. like household chores, Regi's needs and other stuff. it's like i'm in the middle of trying to look for a job (mainly because i must) and trying not to book a job. it was a damn hard line to walk. well, today my agam-agam became bigger but i'm glad about it. :)

so the good news ei.
  • Received a call from an office looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant (as far as i could remember) well, they wanted to know if i'm up for an interview which is to be scheduled. Well, one crazy thing about this call, is the office i'm talking about is my own Alma Mater where in fact i never submitted an application. I was surprised with the call yet happy to have received such offer. 
  • While watching a late TV Series i was also arranging some files. or might as well, some eme eme literature i made. then a commercial pops out, calling aspiring writers to join a free script writing seminar which application can be done on line. yes, im planning on submitting. :]
  • and some other more personal good news. :D
  • and those ump! moments i said earlier that i couldn't elaborate more. lol.
i'm still trying to figure things out. Honestly, I'm afraid to commit mistakes. so im taking it slowly but surely. I'm not as tough as others think of me. I have this crazy thoughts going on and on everyday. but as long as i know that there's my family and friends who support me no matter how bummer i am makes me move forward each freaking day. :D

Thank you Lord! (• ε •)

Undying love for Kare Kano

here are some of the favorite/memorable quotes from early chapters of the manga. :) posted: March 2010 from my old facebook account.

this are loving and heart pounding lines from the most romantic..
and funny anime love story ever told.. =]
there are so many but i only got few.. =))
i just love arima and miyasawa..
i envy how true and honest their love is.. =)

if there are meetings, then there are also partings too..

a single day in high-school is far more precious than a month is in adulthood..

i just had insults added to injuries...

Laughter, anger worries love friendship competitiveness growth and degeneration:
all these emotions are packed within the doors of a classroom...

if a can't take care of this then i won't succeed in the real world..

i feel relaxed and feel so good...
the shape of the person i love, his weight, his warmth..
it fills my whole body with happiness...
i don't need anything else,
i never knew there were such serenity...13

just the smell of him makes me completely helpless.=17.1

i suddenly feel incomplete when he's not around..=17.1

you're supposed to lose your emotional balance when you fall inlove..
you've met someone who makes you lose your emotional balance that's why they call it stealing your heart.. =maho.17.1

Love is strange, in your heart it has no shape or no weight..
you can't measure it's size or dept.. no one has ever actually seen it..
but it aches without a doubt..

in the end, i like it the best when i'm with you..17

a brand new emotion bloomed with in me.. it spread all through out me..
and took over my body..
his love is so strong, i can't even breath.. is this even possible??
i've fallen in love all over again with the same person..17

i won't let you go.. i don't care if you avoid me or hate me..
how long do you think i waited for you to notice me?!! don't you get it?!
i don't care how you feel about me, i have absolutely no intention of letting you go..17

im sorry i scared you.. i didn't mean to..
i didn't wanna touched you because i'm too embarrassed,
i didn't wanna look you in the eyes because i didn't know what i might do..
when i first saw you yesterday, i realized that i was even more in love with you..
my hearts starts pounding when i'm near you..17

a very precious person says that i'm very precious to her.. that's enough for me..18

this eyes, hands, lips, everything..exist only to experience you.. 18

our bodies haven't touch yet but our souls are definitely touching..18

her light brown hair, her gorgeous eyes, her sweet lips, her thin neck
her warm and soft body..18

we don't have many moments happy as i won't forget..
no matter how much time passes or how much we aged..
i'll remember..

"i won't let you go.. i don't care if you avoid me or hate me.. how long do you think i waited for you to notice me?!! don't you get it?! i don't care how you feel about me, i have absolutely no intention of letting you go.." episode17. =)we don't have many moments happy as i won't forget.. no matter how much time passes or how much we aged.. i'll remember..

♥ ♥ ♥