Film: 27 Dresses

I cant remember when was the first time and for how many times Ive seen this Chick Flick. I just love to watch it everytime I get to catch it on TV. So here's a quick taps and flicks of my fingers to express my love for this movie.

The film is about sweet Jane. How she never says 'no'. How she loves wedding and helping everyone she knows arranging this special day in their lives. She had been a part of a wedding for 27 times. Theres this line from the film that goes like - "Always the bridesmaid never the bride" and she was all that. Jane's a hopeless romantic. Hoping that next time it will be her turn to walk down the aisle and that finally her one-sided love with her boss George will be it. 

But then, one night in her life, she has to attend two weddings at the same time. That's when she meets cynical Kevin, who tries to wake her up from her delusional idea of marriage. And Jane, not knowing that he is her favorite wedding columnist writer (and by favorite, I mean really really really love!) kinda became friends with this Kevin. Who is super cute and smart BY THE WAY.

A general part of the movie I exceptionally like was Jane's relationship with her younger sister, Tess. Their mother died when they were young and their father raised them. So typically, she took care of Tess. I adore sisterly like stories!

But then Tess just has to fall for her sister's one true love! Tess and George fell in love (what a bummer in Jane's part right?!) and decided to get married.

Typical sweet Jane has to help them right? But it was hell hard for her, arranging this wedding for the love of her life and her sister who's life's been so easy because she is pretty-funny-and-charming. and to find out that her favorite wedding columnist writer will be scribbling this wedding too for the news papers.

So with all the wedding preps, her bitch sister to be married to HER George and a writer Kevin Boyle who took so much interest in her bridesmaid life, Jane just had enough. For once in her life she had to say NO. and the way she did it was not so very nice. She messed up her baby sis' wedding!

At the end, she and Tess made up and finally understood each other. And she figured out that she was no longer in love with George. Jane got her long waited wedding with Kevin Boyle. A guy who was broken and cynical at first but fell in love with Jane and changed him back to his softy side.

The combination of romance, comedy and drama in this film is what makes me watch it again and again. I love movies about weddings! I agree with Jane that one of the most beautiful parts of weddings was when the bride walks in the aisle and that smile on the grooms face, that's something! It's like a genuine proof of pure love.

One more thing, before this post ends, I pray that someday I'll get to meet a young smartass writer and make him see me beyond my flaws and fall for me. Just how Kevin did. Damn! I really do have this thing with writers. (and also Im such a fan of Katherine Heigl. I guess, I had seen all of her RomComs films.)

I (kinda) feel for Jane here. How she was so nice and people expect a lot from her (since she is pretty damn nice). Sometimes it's crazy that those who have put so much love and effort gets to be on the sideline of things. Like how Jane was to her sister. But for Jane it seems all worth it in the end. She got her walk in the aisle paired with her anticipated romantic look from his groom.

This film made me more hopeful (more of hopeless romantic) that someday someone will come and sweep me off my feet. Someday.

Why I Love to Read Shoujo Manga

Just to give you a brief intro, Shoujo Mangas are Mangas which target readers are females, most likely those at 10 to 18 yrs of age. So these mangas actually showcase friendship and love or more of the young girls' feelings and challenges. Characters in shoujo mangas are usually highschool girls.

So, why do I love reading Shoujo Manga?

1. Because of its ART! Characters here are drawn so pretty and leading men too are darn good looking! This is the most important factor when im looking for new mangas to read. I make sure that it has quality art that I love so much. That will keep you on flipping those chapters!

2. It's simple and easy to read. When I was younger, I used to read Shounen (Mangas for boys!) but may be I got busy and I lost my drive to read them. but in reading Shoujo, I find it very easy since plots in these kind of mangas are into drama, love, school life and friendship which I find not dragging at all.

3. Its MOMENTS and quotable quotes. I tell you, read a chapter or two of these, you'd surely remember some of its scenes! They have this simple yet sweet moments in them. Even though some say that Shoujos nowadays are having the same old plots and scenes, I still find them sweet and touching. I must tell you, Guys in shoujos are super romantic! You may find it very fictitious, but in reality, if he is the right one and you are to him, then it is not impossible to be in those moments of kilig.

4. Its life lessons. They're might be just mangas to you but somehow they're like guide books in being a girl, in how our feelings really works, how we can't always control them. In mangas (or may be in Japan per se), girls are usually the ones who confess their feelings to the guys they like. I find that very cool and hard at the same time (esp in the culture I grew up with). So in Shoujos you'll find yourself reflecting on how the lead characters think and act.
There are so many reasons why I love to read these mangas but I just cant explain, really. 

My all time favorite shoujo is Kare Kano. Addition to that are Bokura Ga Ita, Lovely Complex, Strobe Edge, Koizora, Marmalade Boy, Daa Daa Daa and... I'd love to name all my favorite but that would take me forever to decide. I'm currently reading Ao Haru Ride, Horimiya, Kimi Ni Todoke, Hirunaka No Ryuusei, Suki Tte Ii Na Yo, L-Dk, Mairunovich and a lot more.