Listed: Top Manga/Anime

here are my favorite anime / mangas of all time. KYA! >.<
 what i love about this anime / manga is how dramatic yet comedic it is. the story of Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima is very well narrated in the manga. while the anime adaption was well drawn even at some later part of it was kind off. their story revolves in a quite wide scope. it has drama, romance and some action too. well, i’m also one of those who fall in love with Soichiro. :) ♥
who didn’t fall for Light Yagami and L’s witty and well-planned battle? i used to loveshoujo manga and anime, so this is a first for me to actually love this kind of master piece. (though i also love Detective conan.) this epic story was really brain twisting and full of fun. it has action, romance and drama. if you’ll ask me, if which do i prefer most out of Light and L. well, that would be a tie! i love them both. :))
Otani and Koizumi tells us a very cute love story. i love how their story progress. their friendship, hardship, and love. i enjoy different emotions their story has to offer. jealousy. complications. compromising. their very heart warming quest for love taught me that when love is true, height doesn’t matter. at all. :) ♥
i fancy this series because, first, they’re all gorgeous! and because its full packed! :) kya! >.< each character has a very touchy yet comical story. the way the series was presented through flashback and colorful episodes makes you stick with it until the end. Kaoru and Hikaru are my favorite though i really love them all. kya!
“Daa! Daa! Daa!” is definitely the reason why i started to enjoy watching anime! and Kanata Saionji is my first ever anime crush. well, i was very young then. :)) i couldn’t really explain why i love them so much, but i swear that loving this anime had been really the start of me being an anime freak and all. (im so thrilled and proud while typing all this!!!)
tell me, who wasn’t captivated by their freaking good looks? the combination of horror, comedy and romance was really the reason why this anime took my breath away. (my words are getting tougher?) well, to sum it all, Wallflower may contain quite weirdness but it actually inspire girls to be come out from their shells and be confident of who they really are. :)
Art plus music equals awesome! i really enjoy how their dreams driven their life. how passion to music became a foundation of love and friendships. and plus, Nodame is really a fun and great character. :)
obviously, if you were really reading this you’ll figure out that im a really great fan of Shoujo. so the story of this great individuals, sawako and shota, really is exciting and fun. i find it cute the way sawako is very innocent and while shota is being a gentleman. and their friends were a great contribution to their foundation yet didn’t actually set them up directly. all of us dream of having friends that support us in whatever insane thing we want. :)
the unique characters of this series makes everything wicked! first, our leading lady is a very strong character and his knight in shining armor is unbelievably better than her. their love story revolving strength and secrets are very intriguing yet sweet. :)
here goes another tearjerker anime. it really made me cry, you know! well, sometimes we thought that love is truly enough (i strongly agree to this though.) yet sometimes differences and circumstances challenge how true your love is. it may be corny but its true. when you feel like your love was true then, so when you meet again you’ll feel not only the pain but also love. (those who’ve read this manga would truly understand my sentiments! :D)

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