The Introduce-Yourself Part

Hi there. i really don't know why i made a new blog. >.<
so let's start by introducing the "writer". lol.

I'm Janina Marean and sadly i'm 21 but i feel like my soul stop aging when i reached 16. I'm very young at heart. haha! I talk a lot. especially when i'm with my super close friends. i enjoy having juicy and smart conversation with people. i'm a very opinionated yet open-minded type of person. I always have a say on everything and i think that annoys a lot of people haha. but i've always believe that those people who loves us, they understand.

and to make this entry simple and easy, here's a list of what my LIKES are really all about. :)
So, in terms of my interest. one thing is for sure: it always change.
  • Movies. films that i love are mostly chick flicks but now i'm starting to fancy tear-jerking dramas and biography films. and strangely i'm such a fan of Classic Romance stories like Jane Austen's creation.
  • Books. i love to read love stories and romantic novels. but still loves to read fictional book like Harry Potter. I've always like reading fairy tales when i was a kid but until now, i'm still a fan of princesses and happly ever afters.
  • TV Series. I specifically adore HIMYM, Nikita, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl and a lot more. you know why i love them!! :D
  • Korean/Asian Dramas. Yep i'm a die hard fan of FULL HOUSE. well, i was young and in love with all this pretty korean faces. so. there.
  • Shoujo Anime/Manga. Otaku. I've always love reading mangas and watching anime. it sounds corny in my age but honestly, i never get tired of it. It's hilarious, romantic and hell of a drama too. you'll be amaze how stories in mangas are like.
  • Art. I'm in love with art. who's not? We may have different perception towards what's art and what's not. so i wont try to convince you with what art do i love. it's just. just. when i see it. feel it. it's art. we just know. makes sense?
  • Bands. In terms of music, i also have specific bands that i love. All Time Low is the one that i love most. mostest. or in whatever highest form. haha. to make it clear and what so ever. in music, i usually prefer acoustic rock, pop rock or just like in art, what gets to my heart -- that's it. :)
  • and a lot more...
This is it for now. ♥

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