Essay: Media Ethics Finals

This is my MC 110 Media Ethics essay submitted to our prof. We were asked if what do we want in the future now that we've seen the real deal of media or what are the plans we have in mind for the upcoming encounter with reality.This is really One of my favorite essays i've written. 5% edited and improved. posted it because someday i'd like to read it again. :)

Life isn't a matter of chance but a matter of choice.
            There are a lot of reasons why we choose to take AB Mass Communication. Some would say it's because they want to be a famous reporter or a talent, others say it’s easier (or rather they thought it was easier), some would say it's because of their passion and most certainly, more than once in my college life, I’ve heard others said that it was because it doesn’t involve math. My reason, most honest reason? I thought it was cheaper and also the fact that I wasn’t able to reach a particular quota in the Engineering field (yes, I do love math). Well, that’s life. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, to find out later that we wanted not to have them – we just didn’t know yet.

            I’m not saying that I do not like mass com. It was my second choice and I choose to make the best out of it. So when class started, I eventually learned to love mass com more and more each time. I discover skills I never thought I had. Dreams I never knew I had. The passion I never felt I had.

             So as our internship starts, I’ve witnessed the real deal of mass com or media per se. I’ve work with the people in IBC and DZRB, both in news department. I was honestly amazed and rewarded for I have work with different types of people, learned a lot of things and I’ve grabbed as many opportunities I could to get to know more about the nature of our work. Our experiences during OJT, it may be how hard it is to go to work every morning, how tiring it is to use the stairs, how cold the offices are – even those small things we deal with each day. And those huge too – the chance to go rub elbows with other reporters at Camp Krame, to assist in radio production, to go on air, to write for them and to actually be with those people. These experiences will equip and prepare us of what we have to face after college. It is not only the skill but also the value of working, the passion and love for work.

           I have realize the glamour and the privilege of being a media but also, i realize how it could be bias and how your moral and principles will be set aside for the call of duty. I've seen how tough this work could be, may be not to its extent yet. Now that we’re 4th year, we've learned, experienced, seen and understood a lot about what we’re doing. People wish us to make good and wise decisions regarding our career. People hope that our idealistic idea of changing the so-called “system” in the industry won’t disappear and also, they hope that that “system” won’t eat us when we get the chance to encounter them.

            Yes, I am willing to face the pros and cons, the ups and downs, the spontaneous yet hazardous life of media. Not because I want to make a big change, not because I want to help the poor or not even because of the money and fame. It’s because all of those hard and risky situations I must face each day at work are going to be the bullet I could use for a shot to my dream job. There might be times that I must put my principles aside for what is needed, a time where I could curse people for being mean or even times I might give up. But as I’ve said, life is a matter of choice. If people think I’m not good enough, I may choose to give up and cry under my blanket but most probably my choice would just ignore them, let it go and do what I had to do. if there comes a time that I didn’t do great at work and I’ll get scolded by my boss, I can choose to quit my job and just depend on my brother’s support but most certainly, as I know myself, my choice would be to apologize and try my best each time. See, I believe and also fear that being in the media industry is hard but I won’t let it hinder me. It can scare the hell out of me but it won’t stop me to live the life I want.

            Getting back to what I really want, I don’t dream or aim to be a news anchor or chief editor. It’s not that I’m being choosy or being coward. I just want to make my passion also my work. But I know I can’t just be there and have the job I want in a blink of an eye. Rather, I’m willing to work as a production assistant, technical staff, writer, or reporter. I need to go on with the process. I don’t want, or can’t, skip a step. So if after graduation my first job will be in a news room, where I couldn’t picture myself doing, then maybe I needed that experience. May be, i need those experiences to be able to achieve what i want to be.

            That is what’s great about mass communication; it is not just a straight and well-instructed road we must take. It’s a twisted and never ending path where we can take a walk, run or drive or rest for a while.

            To be very frank, I want to be on the artistic and creative side of media and not on the courageous and adventurous news media. I want to write to people’s heart, mind and soul. And to make it more ambitious, I want to be a motion picture director. It may sound so dreamy but I want to touch people’s lives through movies I write and direct. I may have to eat more grain of rice to get to this but I want to remind you that when someday you’re sitting at home and a movie roll on the screen that says “Screenplay by” or “based on the novel written by” or “written and directed by” and then my name shows up. Then you must know that I’m living my dream life. Who knows, This may happen. right?

            But at the back of my mind i have a "Back-up" dream, if ever i didn't become a writer and all, i would really want to teach. I don't know yet what kind of teacher i want to be, but what interest me in teaching is the gist of learning from younger generation and them learning from my generation. I've been in love with wisdom since i was young, so imparting what i've learn and learning at the same time is such a great venue for my passion.

            There are a lot of things that are not certain, they say that only change is constant in this world. So I may change my dream job, I may love the industry of news and public affairs, or I may want to be a lawyer, or a teacher. but whatever happens, I’ll always choose to be happy.

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