It was like in the movies, but this time it's REAL

ANC Report (a link to a short News Report)

First, Lord thank you for this second life. It is because of You that i’m still alive.
Was on my way home last night. Seated beside the window. at the mid-center of the bus. I couldn't clearly remember, but I was wide awake, looking outside. Suddenly I saw this fast approaching white vehicle towards our bus. Then, it hit us.
Then at that moment, I know I was going to die, I just shut my eyes closed, thinking “am i really going to die? Lord, Ikaw na bahala.”
It only took a minute or two but believe it or not it was like a slow-motion scene, i couldn't hear anything, couldn't feel anything. I was thinking of my parents, my brothers, my family. May be, this was all a dream.
But it was not. It was real. It is happening.
So thankful to the Lord, I was able to open my eyes. My mind was shocked! I’m alive! I started hearing people crying for help. Kids. Men. Ladies. Elders. We were inside a wrecked-turned-over-to-its-side bus. Everyone was shocked and scared. And hurting. Instinctively, I was struggling to find my phone. Thank you Lord, I found it hanging and  earphones tangled along the lights and pipes of the bus.
We were able to got out the flipped bus through its shattered front glasses. Broken glasses. Crying-in-pain people. Bloody men and kids. Were all that i’m seeing at that moment along the wide highway. I couldn't speak nor cry. Felt numb yet feeling this weaken head, leg, back and being.
Then, I started praying to the Lord and thanked Him for saving me and everyone. I really thought it was the end for me. I was more than grateful that i'm alive and just had some minor injuries and a little trauma. It wasn't easy to sleep last night, it keeps on replaying inside my head. But knowing that I was able to reach home and sleep on my bed was comforting enough.

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