Nobody takes me seriously! Literally.
They told me it was because of my perkiness
(which is so hard to resist)!!
Then let me say my 'thank you's.
Thanks to my new found friends
of kiddos, ates and kuyas at work,
To my best friends that i could easily chat with
anytime-anywhere-ANYHOW of any randomness
And to the wonderful relatives and family I luckily have.
Thanks to all these great people around me
for making my smiles beam the brightest,
my laughter the most honest,
my patience the most understanding
and all my giggles the sweetest.
So I don't really mind,
If some don't take me as serious as i try to be.
I take it as a compliment.
It is to remind me how fortunate i am.
It is a reflection of how I try and strive to live.
It is the universe telling me 'keep smiling'.
and thanks to these people in my life,
i am peachy! :)

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