Highschool and all.

I got this note entry from my old facebook account and now that i'm rereading all this is what inspires me to write a blog about our friendship and all. POSTED:  March 22 2010

my MATCHLESS and INSANE friends.
haha. (can't find enough words to describe them.)

i love them for who they are...

*erratically SWEET..(haha.)

*peace loving.. ♥

*playful and extreme.??

*adventurous!! =)

*daring.. (and charming na din)

*generous..(anu, alak pa??!)

*obedient? and honest??

*talented!! haha.. (try nio sumayaw sa bus!)

we never need to pretend.
my friendship with them is unchangeable by time.
(haha. sweet.) priceless.

well, it all started here:

most especially here:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i miss you all.lab lab you guys..
(get ready for summer vacation!! haha!!)

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