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Greetings! Lol.
Ever since i started working, i feel like i’m so exhausted with work, chores at home and catching up with friends and family. But don’t get me wrong, i’m loving it. Though because of this, reading has been my sleeping companion. Since i’m tired when i get home, i read so that i can get to dreamland easier. Lol. So i haven’t done any good reading lately. And i miss it. Now that i kinda have the luxury of time, i just couldn’t get into the mood. Argh. What happened. Lol.

Another point this post intend to state is my odd addiction to purchasing books. I’m guilty of buying books even i haven’t finish any of the ones i bought a week earlier. I’m guilty that even though i don’t have time to read them, i still want to have them. I’m guilty of going to book sales, fairs, or bazaars and purchase books, i “think”, i would love to read. I’m used to being impulsive and fickle-minded at the same time. That’s me, i guess.

Say hello to my babies! 

My Twilight Saga set with the Paulo Coelho's and Nicholas Sparks'

Here are the Pinoy Lits. I'm missing Para Kay B by Ricky Lee

The ones from Sales/Bazaars/Fairs

Good finds and good reads! *othersLOL

Borrowed books! *to the owners, i promise to return them! forgive me.

Some of my favsss!

and here are the new ones, bought them awhile ago at Bookay Ukay! :)


Hopefully, i'll be able to get into the vibe of reading again. ♥

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