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This list is not just my favorite films. If I were to list my favorite films that would take me forever to decide which is which. This are the films I got to watch for the nth time and never get tired of them. So i called this list "Films by Heart" because when i'm not in such a great mood this films are on my speed dial to get me to smile, cry, laugh, forget and remember. This films remind me to live, love and die happy. So, I consider this films as my remedy when I feel awful or during times that i'm really bored and not on the mood to watch new films. Most of them are either Chick Flicks, Tragic or Romantic films, i'm that kind of person, really. Love and Tragedy are like vitamins to my system. ♥

1. Becoming Jane (2007)

This is a historical film inspired by the early life of the famous author Jane Austen. I love both Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy so that made this film more special. This is the film that made me realize that sometimes loving each other shouldn't be selfish, it's supposed to be selfless. Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy's love is full of obstacles and colors. And to be honest, I love how their story ended.

2. One Day (2011)

An adaptation of a David Nicholls Novel about Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The movie is like a compilation of the 15th of July in both of Emma and Dexter's life ever since they meet. They became friends and soon lived a different life away from each other. I love their friendship and how they call and update each other. Then come the obstacles they must face. But in a twist of fate they got back into each others arm and became husband and wife. Their story always reminds me how love makes its own way. How life can be a bitch sometimes. What I totally love about this film is that the character are flawed and beautiful in their own ways. It sucks that Emma has to die in the end. But it actually make us think that life is too short to waste yet long enough to let us live the life we want.

3. A Walk to Remember (2002)

One of the first films I love. I have my own VCD copy of this film. why am i all excited typing this review!!! haha. We all know that this is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks Novel with the same title. What's not to love in this film? Plot wise, it's very heart pounding and totally moving. The Movie Soundtrack is a collection of superb songs that we all still could remember until today. I can't really explain why i'm so in love with this film but Mandy Moore and Shane West were such a darling in this film. The story of Jamie and Landon always remind me of a quote from the film, That their love is like the wind, he can't see it but he can surely feel it. And in the end, Jamie got her miracle. It's him. The way Landon changed for the better.

4. Atonement (2007)

Here's another film adaptation of a novel. This Romantic Drama film tackles the twists and turns of life and how could one decision can change people's life forever. James McAvoy and Keira Knightley definitely are one heck of a tandem. though I still adore them even they're apart. I love love love the aura of this film. It's classy, vintage and elegant in all forms. The story itself was wonderful. It is the story of Cecilia Tallis and their servant's son, Robbie Turner and how her sister Briony changed the path for them. This tragic movie actually made me think that when we die and we had love someone with such purity, would we still meet in heaven? And also, their love story just show that life's full of uncertainty and twist of fate. The ending was unexpected and lovely. And, Director of this, Joe Wright, was also known for directing "Pride and Prejudice". Which is also a film i love! :)

5. Flipped (2010)

Most likely at this point you'll figure out that i have this thing for movie adaptations of novels and here's another one. Flipped is a movie adaptation of the same titled novel written by an American author of children's book, Wendelin Van Draanen. It is a story of young love narrated in both perspective of Bryce and Julianna. What's nice about this film is its setting, during the 1950s. Superb! At first, Juli have this huge crush on Bryce. Then, they both grow up and things and their emotions started to change. I've had always fancy young love and this film captured the most relate-able way of presenting it. This film always puts a smile to my face every time i watch it. Flipped is the kind of movie i watch when i want to have a good night sleep. :)

6. Restless (2011)

This film is a story of a sick girl who falls in love with this weird guy - he has this Japanese ghost friend. Well, honestly, they're both insane for me. Which makes this love story adorable and refreshing. Annabel and Enoch (cute name right?!), as a couple, did some quirky stuff that i would honestly want to experience. If you're keeping up, i'm a hardcore fan of this tragic endings, so when Annabel was dying, I was all eyes and ears on how would Enoch would response since he knew from the start that she'll soon die. what this story made me realize is that when we fall in love, it doesn't matter how long the love was but how true and great it was. When our better half leaves us, it's painful but the happy moments comforts us and makes us realize "I was lucky to even have met you."

7. Moulin Rouge (2001) 

I am extremely in love with this film. This is the film that made me love love itself. It's musical, theatrical and superb. The story of a poet who fell in love with a sensational star of Moulin Rouge. The film was filled with lavish and spectacular set, characters, drama, romance and soundtrack. It has this endearing and everlasting effect on me. The film presented phases of love in a very theatrical and touching way. I could still feel the excitement whenever i watch this movie. and honestly, i have their OST in my playlist. I could totally blame this movie for my hopeless-romantic-ness. "The greatest thing you'll learn is just to love and be loved in return" was my favorite quote of the movie.

8. Mulan (1998) 

One of the coolest animated films ever. We all know Mulan, right? This film has been my favorite animated Disney Princess film for like, for ever! I salute her for being flawed and for being strong. And to be fair, Mulan kinda introduced me to the Chinese culture and all. I was in elementary when i first saw this, but I've watched it since then. And i remember, when i was still staying in Manila, my roommate thought it was kinda hilarious that i still watch and make *kilig* over Mulan. I am very honored that Mulan's singing voice in this films is the famous Pinay Lea Salonga. I adore the movie's soundtrack and musicality and that's one thing i love about Disney films. Mulan never fails to remind me of my dreams when i was that little girl when i first saw this movie, to make my family proud!

9. Tangled (2010) 

yes. i'm a fan of Disney Princesses films and i love that about me. haha.
This Animated film is inspired by the very famous fairy tale, Rapunzel. One fun fact about Tangled? It was in development for 6 years and costed more than $260 million. it is considered one of the most expensive films. What do i love about Tangled? what's not to love? i love their new attack on the story, i adore their music and the animation was perfection. Rapunzel was voiced by Mandy Moore. And Flynn Rider was the most amazing leading man in the history of Disney Princesses films. Tangled - Rapunzel and Eugene - taught me to dream after dream. to reach each dream and dream more dreams to achieve.

10. 500 days of Summer (2009) 

I don't really know where to begin. This isn't the usual narrative approach of other usual films. The film jumps into different parts or circumstances in the life of Tom and Summer which revolves in 500 days. How they met. How they became friends. became close friends. became more than friends. and became strangers to each other again. It is a love story but not the usual love story. It's refreshing to see the guy's perspective in regards to relationship, most especially failed relationships. I adore how original and fresh the film was. And one more thing great about this movie is ZOOEY DESCHANEL.

There you go. Though it's only 10 out of the endless list of the films i'm in love with, soon i'll give you more movies to check out. :)

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