Good Newsss

today's actually the Philippine's Independence Day and not that it connects to the occasion today, i've received a lot of good news and some ump! moments happened. it's just so amazing. honestly, lately i feel like my bursting and overflowing inspiration and dreams are starting to fade. it has been over 2 months after my graduation but i'm still not up for the job hunting phase of my life, most likely, because i'm trying to manage our house since my father just left for work and now stays at Saudi. my brother and mother are also working.and i still have a younger brother who is really my concern at the moment. My intention for now is to help pacify things here at home. like household chores, Regi's needs and other stuff. it's like i'm in the middle of trying to look for a job (mainly because i must) and trying not to book a job. it was a damn hard line to walk. well, today my agam-agam became bigger but i'm glad about it. :)

so the good news ei.
  • Received a call from an office looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant (as far as i could remember) well, they wanted to know if i'm up for an interview which is to be scheduled. Well, one crazy thing about this call, is the office i'm talking about is my own Alma Mater where in fact i never submitted an application. I was surprised with the call yet happy to have received such offer. 
  • While watching a late TV Series i was also arranging some files. or might as well, some eme eme literature i made. then a commercial pops out, calling aspiring writers to join a free script writing seminar which application can be done on line. yes, im planning on submitting. :]
  • and some other more personal good news. :D
  • and those ump! moments i said earlier that i couldn't elaborate more. lol.
i'm still trying to figure things out. Honestly, I'm afraid to commit mistakes. so im taking it slowly but surely. I'm not as tough as others think of me. I have this crazy thoughts going on and on everyday. but as long as i know that there's my family and friends who support me no matter how bummer i am makes me move forward each freaking day. :D

Thank you Lord! (• ε •)

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