Film: The Butterfly Effect 2004

"The Butterfly Effect" is a drama thriller film which title refers to a chaos theory that says that even something small could make a huge effect. Starring Ashton Kutcher as Evan Treborn and Logan Lerman as the 7 years old Evan.
The story of this film revolve in the special mental ability of Evan Treborn to get back to the past. I would honestly say that this is one of the best Science Fiction film i've seen. and the 3 men who act as Evan Treborn was really great.
first, Evan didn't know the ability he has. He thought that it was just like the blackouts his father had. His dad was in a mental institution because of this said blackouts. Evan though used this special gift to make his friends and love ones lives better. He reads this journal to get back in time where he had this blackouts. then later in the story he'll discover that he can use other medium to get back in the past.
every time he change something in the past the future changes too. i love how each scene compliments each other. its like a puzzle movie then suddenly it was not. it was full of different stories. there were scenes that are disturbing. but this thriller film was more of a psychological and mental suspense film. i was like so into the movie i couldn't get my eyes of the screen.

They say that this film have alternative endings. i love the ending where after everything, they meet again and finally Evan could start a new normal life with the person she saved and always loved.
here are nice quotes from the film:
  • Dr. Redfield: Just think of your mind as a movie, you can pause, rewind or slow down any details you want.
  • Jason Treborn: you can't play God, son.
  • Evan: you were once happy... with me.

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