Poetry: What Matters

What Matters
by Janina

when it comes to this guy
i don't really know if it's real or not
what matters, i guess.
is how he made me feel.

Regardless of the reason.
Whether it's a lie or it is true
What matters for me
is how he took effort
took chances
to make me feel loved.

Inside, i don't really know why
but it seems that
he's my devil in disguise

he makes me smile
yet he still made me cry
he taps my head when i'm sad
yet he still needs my help

but i wonder if it's real or not
did he pretended to love me?
what would he gain from it?
was that a fake confession?
again, what would he gain from it?
had he been bluffing when he said "mahal kita"

Beyond that.
Whether it is real or not.
At the end of the day.
even though love had ended for us.
years ago.
I wouldn't deny.

He made me feel loved.


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