Film: Tangled 2010

"Tangled" is inspired by the fairy tale "Rapunzel". it was said that "Tangled" is the most expensive animated featured film and was also the 2nd most expensive film ever made. no wonder why it is such an amazing film! i love how this film was created. i even watched interviews of the director and cast because of my fondness to this film. The screenplay of this film was excellent. they created a new dimension of the fairy tale. It made the film so much interesting. :)

of course, Flynn Rider is my favorite character. i think he is the most charming prince out of all the disney princess films ever made. this film isn't just for kids. and i love that. the two main leading characters are not perfect and they have flaws. which make it more realistic and fun.
and the soundtrack of this film was amazing. i love every song. i even downloaded it and place in my phone. :)) it was a great news when i figured out that Mandy Moore was the voice of Rapunzel. i fancy her. and i think she did great in this film. its harder than acting. i think. :))
there are so many things to love in this film. the character, the animation, the music, the innocence and humour. and i wonder why do people say that this film was no good. it was worth seeing!!
and honestly, Rapunzel and Flynn made me blush and made my heart melt. :) i love how it had to end through cutting Rapunzel's hair. and they lived happily ever after. ♥

quotes i loved from the film:

  • Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... fate... destiny... Flynn: A horse
  • Flynn: You were my new dream. Rapunzel: and you were mine.

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