Poetry: During Tough Times

I remember writing this for some of my friends. that time, they were really lonely because of their recent break ups. Then our gang tries to comfort them by having a get together once in a while. We get drunk and be silly. i love my friends. i label them as may BFs for life. :) This was originally called "Authentic"


During Tough Times
by Janina

They have said goodbyes
In several and sudden times
Uttered the most aching words
Left you miserable and lifeless
Broken, you call ourselves

All the gloomy things yo do
I'm willing to uphold too
I also bear the burden in you
You can cry if ou want to
And i'll shed tear with you

Each misery you do have
You know i'd like to listen
Every time you're troubled
I'd care for to witness
That's what real friends are for

Once your so called Love
Had bid their farewells
You'll find the gist of friendship
The essence of a hand to hold
A shoulder to cry on

It is hard to be found
But worth searching for
Imperceptible yet unconditional
Unreadable but heartfelt

Unspoken yet authentic

Definitely, i want to see you again

Laughing and loving again
But you don't need to pretend
I really know how it feels
Even if you're bleeding, i know
You still want to be happy, somehow.

After the heartwarming mourn
I'm not giving up on you now
Just close your teary eyes
I'm about to hit you now,
Chuckle and mutter to your ears
"Hang on! I'll always be here."


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