Perks of Riding a Bus (a letter)

To that tall guy wearing a vintage looking ray bans sun glass,
yes to you good looking guy dressed to impressed
with a neat light blue long sleeves and denim jeans
paired with chuck taylor's to complete the look:


It was very gentleman of you
to offer a seat, your seat to an old lady.

uhm. eh. sorry...

Have you notice my gaze?
Sorry, i didn't mean to stare.

I tried figuring you out
but i wasn't judging you.

Your watch made you look more classy.
Your sun glasses cover those sleepy eyes.
just saying though

Your impressively neat long sleeves
made you such a professional
though your husky denim jeans 
made you cool and sexy

and what made it completely perfect

for me


was your nicely stained pair of chucks.

no. i didn't want your attention.
didn't want you to even notice me.

i was actually hiding.

wanted you not to find me,
yet on the other hand,
i hoped you'd find me.

i'm not a weird creepy gal.
sorry if i made that impression.

i'm just a dreamer.

and you happened to be that dreamy guy
i'd hoped to meet in a random circumstance.

with sincere admiration,
that girl next to you in a random bus. ♥

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