by Janina Marean

When They broke up, Everything was well.
They were back to being friends again. 

It's fine. If that's what he wants. 
was all she says. 
That's life. I hope she's happy now. 
was all he said. 

They stayed as friends. 
Shared triumph of every success. 
Asked favors like nothing happened. 
Tried not to argue once in a while. 
And refused to do the talk 

Of unresolved feelings. Of uncertain emotions. 
Talk of the real closure they never really had. 
The ending that they both deserve. 

When he started to move on. 
She was left alone. 
It seems like he got over the separation 
easier than she imagined. 

She thought she knew him well. 
He thought she clearly wouldn't care. 
They were ex-es that became friends again. 
It was a difficult label to handle. 

She didn't want anymore assumptions to grow. 
He didn't want to make a big deal out of it. 
So they started not to talk to each other. 

In her mind, she's trying to figure things out. 
Waiting for something to happen 
that she misunderstood as chances. 
Seeking for another reason to make her hold on. 
To make her want to stay. to not give up. 

In his mind, It was simple and clear. 
All was said and done. It didn't worked out. 
They were very much through. so long ago. 
He didn't mean to hurt her. He couldn't lie to her. 
He knew they had given up the day they broke up. 

When will she figure out that she was all wrong? 
When would she believe that it is the end? 

When will he understand that fake smile was for him? 
When would he realize that it was never easy? 

When do we stop finding excuses?
When is enough and too much? 
When to expect and not to expect? 
When to give up?


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